Arran Green Map
The sustainable guide to a small Scottish island

The Arran Green Map showcases the diversity of different initiatives on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, that focus on environmental conservation and regeneration of biodiversity alongside small-scale producers and local businesses that contribute towards building a sustainable community on the island. Learn More.

Autumn 2019

Last Updated: 19/10/2019

August 8th to 20th

We had a trial of one of EcoSavvy's ebikes... so of course we used it to visit a few places on the Map. Read the full report on our new blog, here: Arran Eco Savvy Ebike Trial.

12th to 14th July

We attended the Makers' Festival at Brodick Castle where the Summer 2019 print edition was distributed. Thanks for all donations which have gone directly to printing costs.

19th April

Limited First Print Edition was distributed locally, thanks to everybody who helped with production.

13th February

"Innovative graphic designer creates green map of the Isle of Arran"" - The Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald.

1st February

"How to Live Sustainably on the Isle of Arran in 2019"" - Voice For Arran.

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It's our goal to help transform Arran into a sustainable and self sufficient island by supporting the diversity of people contributing towards this and there is no fee for inclusion. If you would like to support the ongoing development of the Arran Green Map, please consider making a small donation via the link below:

Your donations contribute towards the ongoing design and editorial of the map which is done on a voluntary basis. You will also be indirectly benefitting people listed on the map because donations are typically spent locally on groceries (and occasionly organic coffee :)

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